Hoopla crowdfunder update for improv outreach

Many thanks to everyone who donated to our crowdfunders at the start of the pandemic over a year ago. A couple of quick updates for you.
We started them just a year and a bit ago and we are happy to say that our main crowdfunder page plus other crowdfunding and events have now raised almost £10,000!
Thank you so much everyone for your help and support. This means that we are going to start recruiting a for a new Improv Outreach Worker shared-role this summer and those people will be bringing improv fun to new communities, and helping to bring people back together after lockdowns.
To say thank you there were various prizes and gifts but GoFundMe as a platform doesn’t have a record of what one you wanted when you made a donation. Sorry about that – it’s my bad, I didn’t realise the platform didn’t have that option when setting up.
So if you remember what gift you selected when donating please let us know ([email protected]) as we are now setting them up. If you don’t remember please also let us know ([email protected]) and we will let you know some options to say thanks.
We’ll post some more updates once people are recruited and various projects are underway.
Thanks again for your help, support and donations and helping to bring improv to everyone!
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