• Why I decided to complement my MBA with improvisation theatre training in London

The following is an extract from an article written by Sabine Rutili, who has taken a variety of Hoopla’s improv courses.

She summarises the benefits of improv in a business setting very well.

“So, how does improvisation theatre relate to life in business? It is very easy. Our world is getting more and more complex a day after another. On the other hand, societal changes have contributed to the development of an increasingly diverse workforce. Great stuff, because to cope and keep up with the pace, businesses must resort to individuals capable of bringing to the table a variety of skill sets, different ways of doing and ways of thinking – much more than it used to be the case a few generations ago. Organisations can’t escape diversity and even more so, they need to understand how to effectively practise inclusion within a diverse world. Those organisations whose managers are unable to crack the codes of inclusion are going to hit the wall – take it from a trained veterinarian; selection of the fittest businesses applies here and it is deadly.

As a result, what is there not to love about improvisation theatre when it trains at low cost those essential leadership skills in the funniest way possible? It’s time for many organisations to stop speaking fluff and to start jumping on the stage!”

Read the full article here.

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