• compere and MC course

compere & MC course with Logan Murray

3 week compering and MC course with Logan Murray, one of the best comedy tutors in the country who has taught Greg Davies, Rhod Gilbert, Josh Widdicombe and more.

Perhaps the most important person on a comedy bill is the compere. A weak MC can destroy an otherwise strong line up – and a good MC can make a mediocre night great!

A good comic isn’t always a good compere, but a good compere usually becomes a brilliant comic: Eddie Izzard, Dominic Holland, Danny Kitson, Mark Lamarr, Martin Davis and Maff Brown are all industry respected comics who exercised their comedy muscles on a weekly basis at the compering coal face.

There is no better way to turbo- charge your development as a comedian!

Spend the three days with Logan Murray as he gives you the benefit of his knowledge of over two decades of MC’ing events around the World. From dealing with 3,000 boisterous and/or hungover people at the Glastonbury Festival Comedy Tent to most of the major clubs in London, let him share with you the tricks he’s discovered (and warn you about the mistakes he’s made!).

The sessions will be mainly taken up with a series of practical exercises and games designed to get you to interact better with crowds.

It’s all about spontaneity, interaction, listening to your audience and charming the pants off them.

Compering is a wonderful, life-long skill in which there is always something new to learn – but why not hit the ground running by picking up a few tips and techniques that might speed up the process?

dates, time, location

Every Saturday for 3 weeks from Saturday 3rd November 2018.

Time: 1pm – 5pm.

Price: £150.

Teacher: Logan Murray.

Venue: The Nursery Training Centre, Capital House, 42 Weston Street, London, SE1 3QD.

Tube: London Bridge.

logan murray

Logan has taught Greg Davies, Rhod Gilbert, Josh Widdicombe, Andi Osho, Marek Larwood, Rob Broderick and more. Logan is acknowledged as one of the best comedy tutors in the country. He is also the author of Be a Great Stand Up, one of the best books on stand up comedy.

He is also a versatile actor, performer and writer. Over the years he has clocked up numerous appearances on shows like ‘Packet of Three’ (Channel 4), ‘London Underground’ (USA’s Comedy Central), ‘Pebble Mill’ (BBC 1), ‘The Pallbearer’s Review’ (BBC 2), Channel Four’s History of Swearing ‘The Greatest ***** Show on TV’, ‘Jerriatrick’, (Channel Four) ‘People Like Us’ (BBC 2), ‘Peep Show’ (Channel Four), ‘Brain Candy’ (BBC 3) and Jimmy Perry’s radio series ‘London Calling’. He has also hosted two kid’s TV shows: ‘Connect Four’ (a quiz show) and ‘Virtually Impossible’ (a virtual reality game show).

Logan is also one half of the infamous ‘90s double act ‘Bib and Bob’ with Jerry Sadowitz. They have appeared all over the country at festivals and had a West End run at the Criterion Theatre: the Police were called twice and the critics lauded it as the best bad taste show ever!

He wrote and presented ‘Karaoke Fishtank’ on Channel Four, a late night pop show where he was allowed to be very bitter and twisted.

He has gate crashed the Lord Mayor’s Parade as Norman Lamont for ‘The Mark Thomas Comedy Project’ (Channel Four) and sang ‘Je ne Regret Rien’ from the back of a truck to five million bewildered viewers.

But his proudest moment in a glittering showbiz career was supplying all the voices for ‘The Beano’s Dennis the Menace and Gnasher TV Show’.