Bit of a buzz at The Miller last night.

We had a full venue, a chap coming all the way from Wales to see the show, and the one and only Tim Sniffen from Baby Wants Candy in the audience and Jules from The Nursery.

Well done Marbles (Dave Waller & Ryan Millar) and Katy and Rach (Katy Schutte & Rachel Blackman) for pulling off a great evening of two headed shows. It definitely had the feel of an event rather than ‘just another show’, which is how it should be. Quite a few people told me they like the atmosphere at The Miller and it’s got a warm buzz about it. It felt great to be watching things in our venue that you don’t get to see anywhere else.

I don’t quite now how you define ‘buzz’ for an evening, but if definitely had it and I hope we continue to grow it.

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