Beyond impro: list of courses in acting, stand up, puppetry etc

Beyond Impro

Improv seems to be quite a good start for people jumping into the world of performing. Some people stick with improv for performance, and others use it to go into other areas of performing.

Also as an improviser it’s helpful to expand horizons and learn new things, and then bring them back to impro to freshen it up.

Recently some people in our workshops were asking about courses in similar stuff, so I thought the following list might be helpful. This isn’t a complete list, just things I’ve personally done and can recommend or have had recommended to me.


Act Up, : Based in Battersea. If you’re interested in drama school this company has an excellent track record at getting people through auditions, and they have some excellent links with the top drama schools. If you’re not interested in drama school it still gives a good foundation in various elements of acting.

LAMDA, : Of all the drama schools LAMDA seems to have the strongest connection to impro, with Adam Meggido from Showstopper as Head of Foundation.


Mick Barnfather, : Based in London, Hoopla Steve recently did a course with him and really enjoyed it.

Phillipe Gaulier, : Based in France but sometimes does workshops in London. One of the great Clown teachers, and taught Sacha Baron Cohen.


Jonathan Kay, Currently based in Glastonbury, master of modern day fooling, solo impro and storytelling.

Commedia dell’Arte

City Lit, : Central London adult education with lots of drama courses that are very reasonably priced. I’ve got a friend doing the Commedia course at the moment and I’ve heard it’s excellent.

Kevin Tomlinson, : Currently based in Oxford, an excellent teacher of commedia, mask and improv.

Stand Up

Logan Murray, or : Hoopla Steve did this course in the Autumn and really enjoyed it. Logan uses loads of improv games in the classes.


Circus Space, : Based near Old Street, London. Loads of exciting looking courses.


Vox Box, : I’ve done a few lessons with these and they are excellent, really should do more considering I’m in an improvised musical. They have a variety of teachers so it’s worth working out who is best for what you want to do.


Little Angel Theatre,


Pineapple Dance Studios,

Lots of love,

Improvisation Classes and Shows


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