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Sketch Comedy Courses

Taught by Gemma Arrowsmith, a professional comedy writer and performer currently writing for Tracey Ullman’s show on BBC 1.

If you are new to writing and performing sketch comedy we recommend starting with our Sketch for Stage course on Tuesdays.

If you’ve done Gemma’s course before, or already have experience of writing and performing sketch comedy, we recommend our more advanced Sketch for Film course on Mondays.


Q: What previous experience is required for the Sketch for Stage Course?

A: No previous writing experience is required but previous improv or acting experience is needed. If you’re not used to being on stage it would be good to do our Beginners Improv Class or Beginners Improv Course first.

Q: What previous experience is required for the Sketch for Film Course?

A: You should have previously done our other Sketch Course or Stand Up Course, or have other sketch writing or sketch  performing experience. The Sketch for Film is an advanced course for people with previous writing and performing experience.

Q: Does the Sketch for Film Course have a show at the end?

A: No, it instead has filming days over the course and after the course, filming days depend on locations needed for each sketch.

Q: When are the filming days for the Sketch for Film Course?

A: These will be worked out over the course as they depend on the locations needed for sketches.

Q: Do I have to perform in the show at the end of the Sketch for Stage course?

A: No. The show is optional.

Q: What other courses or classes compliment this one?

A: Our Performance Improv Course gives you lots of experience in performing improv, and our Stand Up Comedy Course is great for writing solo material.

Q: Will you be doing this course again?

A: Yes, but probably not until 2019.

Q: Are there any performance opportunities after the course?

A: Yes. We run nights for people who have done our courses, so you can have a regular place to perform and try out new material.

Sketch for Stage Course (1st Level)

An 8 week course on writing and performing live sketch comedy, culminating in a live performance in front of a friendly audience at our comedy club.

No previous writing experience needed, but if you are new to performing it would be best to start with our Beginners Improv Workshop or Beginners Improv Course first.

Dates, Times, Location:

Every Tuesday for 8 weeks from Tues 18th September 2018, with performance on Monday 12th November 2018. >> BOOK NOW

Time: 7pm - 9:30pm.

Price: £215. Either payable all at once or with an initial payment of £100 followed by the remaining £115 at the start of the course.

Teacher: Gemma Arrowsmith, guest teachers on two weeks.

Workshop Location: The Pauline Quirke Academy (previously known as Poor School), 242 Pentonville Road, Kings Cross, London N1 9JY.

Tube: Kings Cross.


- Writing sketch comedy for live shows.

- Devising sketch comedy through improv.

- Performing sketch comedy.

- How to create great comedic characters.

- Writing topical sketches for News Revue and other topical shows.

- Variety of sketch structures.

- Inspirations to get motivated and get writing.

- Introduction to writing for Radio, TV, Podcasts.

- Starting your own sketch group.

- How to perform on the live circuit.

At the end of the course you’ll have created a sketch show together as a team that you get to perform live in front of a fun and friendly audience.

We also provide ongoing support after the course as you are welcome to come and perform sketches and develop new material at our venue.


Sketch for Film Course (2nd Level)

An advanced 8 week course on writing sketch comedy for TV, Radio, Online and Podcasts, culminating in the filming and release of online sketches.

We advise only doing our Sketch for Film course if you have previously done our Sketch for Stage or Stand Up course or have previous sketch writing and sketch performing experience.

Dates, Times, Location:

Every Monday for 8 weeks from Mon 10th September 2018. >> BOOK NOW

Time: 7pm - 9:30pm.

Price: £215. Either payable all at once or with an initial payment of £100 followed by the remaining £115 at the start of the course.

Teacher: Gemma Arrowsmith, guest teachers on two weeks.

Workshop Venue: Theatre Delicatessen Studios, 1st Floor, next to 2 Finsbury Avenue (off Whitecross Place), London, EC2M 2PP.

Tube: Liverpool Street, Moorgate or Bank.


- Writing sketch comedy for TV.

- Writing sketch comedy for Radio.

- Writing sketch comedy for You Tube and other online content.

- Writing sketch comedy for Podcasts.

- Writing topical sketches for NewsJack, The Now Show and other topical radio and TV shows.

- Regular acting practice in front of a camera.

- Training on filming your own sketches in a fun and simple way including camera, sound, lighting, editing and setting up a shoot.

- Training on recording audio sketches for podcasts and radio.

- Filming sketches together as part of a team.

As part of the course you will work together to write, rehearse and FILM comedy sketches together as a team and release online. You’ll also be recording some audio sketches for podcasts.

We also provide ongoing support after the course including free use of equipment and a supportive community to help you film sketches ongoing.


Teacher: Gemma Arrowsmith

Gemma is currently writing and performing on Tracey Ullman’s Show on BBC 1.

Her “What were you wearing?” sketch for Tracey Ullman was featured in the New York Times, Huffington Post, Mirror, Metro and more this year with over 28,000,000 views on Facebook.

She also writes for Newsjack (BBC Radio 4 Extra) and The Now Show (BBC Radio 4).

Gemma’s performing credits include Upstart Crow (BBC), Tracey Ullman’s Show (BBC), Merlin (BBC), Hustle (BBC), Two Pints of Lager and a Packet of Crisps (BBC), Nurse (BBC), Damned – Playhouse Presents (Sky Arts), Trying Again (Sky Living), Spy (Sky1) Flashprank (MTV) and Charlie Brooker’s How TV Ruined Your Life (BBC). Gemma’s radio credits include Newsjack (BBC Radio 4 extra) Reception (BBC Radio 2) and The Now Show (BBC Radio 4).

Gemma is sought after in the world of kids’ TV and radio, where her credits include: DNN (CBBC), Hacker Time (CBBC), Beano Town (Fun Kids Radio), Relic: Guardians of the Museum (online game, CBBC), Transmission Impossible (CBBC).

She has performed in and directed Newsrevue, is half of Mould & Arrowsmith, and is taking her new one-woman show Earthling to Brighton in May, after a very successful run at the Vaults Festival.

A winner of Fringe Report Awards’ Best Artist (2007), they declared: “The award reflects Gemma Arrowsmith’s seven-threat excellence as singer, dancer, actor, comedian, writer, impressionist and director.”

“Edinburgh Fringe- Top 20 free shows.” – London is Funny.

“An epically geeky journey of parodies and hilarity” ★★★★ -Three Weeks

“The greatest female comedy actor of the 21st century, says Vic Reeves.” Vic Reeves

“Gemma is brilliaaaaaant!” Paul Whitehouse