Impro Jams

Impro Jams are shows open to anyone to turn up and come and perform on the night.

There are now lots of impro jams running in London and around the UK, through Hoopla and various other impro groups.

Here’s a selection of some of our favourite jams from us and other improv companies, their details should pop up on google but if not please contact us and we’ll send you up to date information:

The Playground: A monthly show at The Miller with long- form jam at the end. Dates at our improv comedy club page.

Duck Duck Goose: A really fun and welcoming jam run every Monday night by our friends at Duck Duck Goose.

The Nursery Improv: They run various jams every week that we highly recommend.

C3Something: They run various jams every week that we highly recommend.

StoryKitchen: They run weekly Maestro’s that are gradually accepting more and more guests to perform.

Imprology: They run a really good two person scene based jam called Love Explosion.

The Maydays: They run excellent and very welcoming jams in both London and Brighton.

We’re trying to keep this list up to date so please let us know if we’ve missed any jams and we’ll add them on.

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