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Dates (Two Day Workshop): Saturday 13th - Sunday 14th January 2018.

Time: 11am - 5pm.

Price: £150.

Venue: Theatre Delicatessen, 2 Finsbury Avenue, London, EC2M 2PP.

Tube: Liverpool Street, Moorgate or Bank.


Improvised Hip Hop with North Coast

North Coast are flying all the way from New York to teach this amazing two workshop!!! They are one of our favourite ever groups so we are getting them over especially for this.

New York City’s premier hip hop improv comedy team, North Coast, is a unique collaboration of improvisational comedy, hip hop, beatboxing, and music.

This intensive two day musical improv workshop introduces you to the basics of Hip Hop Improv: the combination of free-style rapping and scene work.

We'll get you on your feet with freestyle rapping and getting a feel for rhyme scheme basics and creating both musical and rhythmic hooks.

We’ll also drill into the deal of your scene and its characters so we can rap from a place that matters.  

Learn how to set yourself up, find your flow, and weave your rapped verses in and out of your improv scenework!

No previous experience of rap or musical improv needed. You don’t need any previous knowledge of rap or hip hop either.



Q: Who is this suitable for?

A: People who’ve done some improv or acting before and want to play with improvised rap or hip hop. If you haven’t done any improv or acting before it’s best to start with our Beginners Improv Course first or Beginners Improv Class.

Q: Do I need any musical improv experience?

A: No. No previous musical improv experience is needed for this workshop?

Q: Do I need any hip hop or rap experience?

A: No. No previous hip hop or rap experience is needed for this workshop.

Q: Do I need to know any hip hop?

A: No. Even if you’ve never listed to any rap or hip hop in your life you can still do this workshop.

Q: How big is the class size?

A: Maximum of 16 people, we find this works as it’s big enough to create a fun atmosphere but small enough that you get lots of time to play with each exercises.

Q: Is there a lunch break?

A: Yes there’s a lunch break around 1:30pm and also a few smaller breaks over the day.

Q: Will you be doing it again?

A: This is probably a one-off, as North Coast are flying all the way from New York to do these workshops.


North Coast is

a team of improv comedy veterans and internationally-ranked beatboxers who share more than 20 years of combined experience performing at the best theaters in

New York, Boston and across the US.

North Coast not only creates hilarious scenes on the spot, but effortlessly drops high-energy musical verses throughout the show using whatever topic you throw at them.

It’s an improvised hip hop comedy musical -

and it’s like nothing you’ve ever seen before.

"This is more than a class, it's an access pass to parts of your brain you need to explore. If you love improv, hip hop, comedy, or you just want to have a blast while learning to elevate your rap game in a safe space, then take this class. You will be challenged. You will grow. And you will laugh. A lot."

"The environment is crazy supportive. The class, without a doubt, made me a better freestyler and a better improvisor. Two for one! I can't recommend this class enough if you're a person who likes having a good time and becoming awesome. You like having a good time and becoming awesome, right? Take this class."

"it was my favorite class I've ever taken. I've truly never had more fun or felt more free in an improv class. From learning a little hip hop history, to some simple freestyle, to more complex rhyme schemes, and even some beatboxing, it was all-inclusive and a true joy to participate in each week.  I give it my highest recommendation, and then call you back and recommend it again."


“If you can’t decide between going to a comedy show and going to a party, these guys have you covered both ways. Hands down, it’s one of the most fun shows we’ve seen all year.”  

“North Coast is unbelievable... Spectacular! I loved it.” DICKIE SMOTHERS. The Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour

“North Coast’s new musical show simultaneously makes you marvel at the genius of North Coast, and question the work ethic of actual Broadway composers who swear they’re not turning in the first draft.” MIKE PESCA, The Slate, NPR

Best of the Fest at Vancouver International Improv Fest.

The New York Times Critic’s Pick.

Top 10 Comedy Shows of 2014 and Critic’s Pick - Time Out NY.

"A lot of shows proclaim, 'You've never seen anything quite like it.' In North Coast's case, that is actually true.

"I love North Coast, not only for their superior rhyme skills, but also their ridiculous senses of humor. They put on the type of show that you always remember seeing for the first time. And they're so good that you'll want to bring others to see them, making you look cool in the process." Keith Huang, Former Artistic Director of The People's Improv Theater (NYC),

"North Coast is consistently fun, delightful and surprising. They make improv and freestyle rapping look easy and effortless. For that, I am really jealous. Thanks, North Coast!" Megan Gray, Artistic Director of the Magnet Theater (NYC).

Workshop topics:

- Free style rapping.

- Rhyme schemes.

- Creating musical and rhythmic hooks.

- Beatboxing.

- Scene work.

- Finding the deal of your scene and characters.

- Rapping from a place that matters.

- Finding your flow.

- Weaving rapped verses in and out of your improv scenework.