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Previous Guest Teachers

Hoopla have been home to loads of different guest teachers from  the crème de la crème of the impro/comedy community. Here are some of their details, we’ll be getting many of them back to do more soon and remember you can always contact us if there is a particular teacher you want us to get in.

Katy Schutte

Musical Impro, Saturday 10th April 2010, The Bedford, Balham

Long Form, 18th - 19th September, The Cavendish Arms, Stockwell

Katy was the one of the first people to ever teach Steve impro and in fact she was actually in the show with The Maydays in Brighton that was so bloody good it inspired him to try it himself and persuade Edgar to join him.

Katy joined The Maydays improvised comedy company five years ago and won Best Comedy Show at the Brighton Festival for Mayday! The Musical in 2007, so she knows her music.

Katy has studied improvised comedy at Second City and IO in Chicago. For the last year she has been working on the 2-woman show Katy and Rach which has broken new ground and received great reviews.

Katy joined The Treason Show team in February 2008 and enjoys writing and performing in the Bafta Nominated company doing satire.

Kevin Tomlinson, Mask Workshop, Sunday 4th October 2009,

Scene work and Long form Workshop, Saturday 18th July 2009,

Thursday Sessions, 2008, The Bedford.

Kevin has spent the past decade working extensively with Keith Johnstone in both the UK and Canada and has become an expert in teaching masks, long form, and other areas that don’t seem to get covered much in the UK.

Kevin’s current show ‘Seven Ages’ was created with the help of Keith Johnstone and won 5 star reviews at last year’s Edinburgh Festival and went on a global tour.

Kevin has a charming teaching style that gets you going to deeper places in a fun and caring way. He makes normally complicated concepts seem simple and creates a really positive workshop.

Kevin has taught long-form improvisation with Hoopla, half-masks, full-masks, commedia and physical comedy.

Adam Oliver, Fooling Workshop, Sunday 16th October 2011.

A fresh and fluid style of improvisation where the performers are turned inside out and the stage becomes their inner world.

In this day long workshop you will learn the basics of Foolish improvisation, a unique structure for creating characters, scenarios and performances using everything you know and everything you don’t.

The structure holds open the door to your inner world and allows you to enter and fully inhabit it with your fellow players and the audience. Using this structure you may find yourself playing the God of jam, an amoeba with a walkie-talkie or a lost child with equal conviction and depth.

We will look at the different states of 'play', 'a play' and 'the play' and learn how to move between them to bring depth into our performance.

He has spent four years training with Jonathan Kay and a further year touring Europe in the Nomadic Academy of Fools. He performs on the comedy and cabaret circuits and appears regularly at festivals including Glastonbury, Secret Garden Party and Buddhafield.

John Cremer

John was the first ever person to teach impro to Steve Roe from Hoopla, and inspired a lifelong passion for improvisation.

John teaches in a flowing way, encouraging improvisers to get out of their heads and genuinely improvise instead of following a list of rules.

John first learnt improvisation from the legendary Louis Anthony Russo in Arizona. After returning back home to Brighton in 2001 he founded The Maydays and has enjoyed years of successful workshops, shows, and corporate training ever since, creating a vibrant impro scene across the UK.

He recently spent time in Chicago learning more from Chicago Improv Assoc and The Annoyance Theatre and continues to push boundaries in improv.

He really brings the best out of people. John is an expert on reading people, so gives you what you actually need in the moment - rather than a set of predetermined impro exercises.

John will be focusing on being bold and unedited, to find the original thrill and fun of improvising without rules getting in the way.

John is a Fellow of the Professional Speaking Association and was voted Speaker of the Decade by the Academy for Chief Executives.

He’s also the author of two great books “Improv” and “Reading People”.

Music Box, Improvised Singing and Improvised Musicals.

Music Box regularly run guest workshops on improvised singing with Hoopla. You don’t need any singing experience whatsoever.

Music Box actors and musicians lead sessions on improvised singing, musical scenes, musical structures and improv musical shows.

Again, you don’t need any singing experience whatsoever and you don’t need to be any good at singing.

Long Form Narrative with Brent & Marc from Montreal Improv, 16th - 17th March 2013

Brent & Mark of the Montreal Improv Theatre took us through a 2-day intensive course on longform narrative improv.

We learnt how to create compelling heroes & fascinating villains. Also we learnt about what information you need to put at the beginning of your story so you can find an exciting ending.

At the end their was a showcase performance of people on the course at Hoopla’s Improv Comedy Club.

Brent & Mark are improvisers, actors and writers who perform, teach and coach at Montreal Improv. Mark is a director of both the Montreal Improv Theatre and the Montreal Improv Festival. Brent is the co-creater and co-star of The Bitter End web series which was hailed as "the funniest Canadian sitcom of the year" by the Montreal Gazette and "comedy series of the year" by EYE weekly. Now entering their 7th year of collaboration, they have performed Easy Action for the past year in Montreal and have travelled to perform the show in Vancouver, Toronto and London.

Their show Easy Action is a two-man improvised action/comedy blockbuster created in the moment.

Allan Marriott

A huge amount of the London improv scene originates from the work of Alan. He is the founder of The Crunchy Frog Collective, where he used to run regular weekly workshops that inspired people like Dylan Emery (Showstoppers), Pippa Evans (Showstoppers), Cariad Lloyd (Austentatious), most of the teachers at Hoopla, and even Eddie Izzard, Alan Davies and more.

He also founded Grand Theft Impro, one of London’s best and longest running improv shows.

He also founded the first London Theatresports and created and played in numerous different impro formats including Hamlet Improvised, Impro Lear, Impro Lab (London's first 2 act improvised play), The Impro Musical, Lust Boulavarde (a improvised soap opera), and Impropera (a 2 act improvised opera).

He’s also performed in The Comedy Story Players, The Reduced Shakespeare Company and is the voice of Bob the Builder in the US!

Alan is the author of improv book Genius Now.

Alan got his first taste of improvisation with Vancouver Theatresports where Alan worked closely with (among others) Colin Mochrie and Ryan Styles.

After twenty years living and working in London, Alan now makes his home in North Vancouver British Columbia, but is back in London for this series of workshops.

The Penny Dreadfuls, Impro to Script Workshop, Sunday 24th January 2010, The Rag Factory

The Penny Dreadfuls met in 2002 performing and directing impro with The Improverts, Edinburgh University’s resident impro troupe.

They then moved on to write and perform sketch and narrative comedy together. Their first show at The Edinburgh Festival, Aeneas Faversham (2006) proved to be a hit. Their style of Victorian themed comedy continued with their follow up shows Aeneas Faversham Returns (2007) and Aeneas Faversham Forever (2008).

These shows achieved almost 30 five-star reviews between them and a number of awards including Best Comedy Show at the Brighton Festival in 2008 and the Three Weeks Editor Award for excellence in 2007, and went on to tour the UK.

They then went on to record two excellently reviewed radio series, The Brothers Faversham, on Radio 4 and BBC 7, as well as appearing on television.

Jay Rhoderick, 26th and 27th June 2010, The Rag Factory and The Bedford.

Jay has been performing and teaching improvisation for 17 years. He was a faculty member of Chicago’s world-famous Second City Theatre before moving to New York to found his acclaimed improvisation groups Burn Manhattan and Centralia.

He is the president of Bizprov, a corporate training consulting firm that uses the core principles of improvisational theater in custom designed workshops, and also teaches regularly at the People's Improv Theatre in New York.

Jay's workshops draw on physical acting, clowning and Commedia dell'Arte traditions, as well as myth, Vaudeville/Music Hall, comic books, and New York-style long-form formats to teach highly inventive, authentic improv-acting.

We were lucky enough to have Jay for a two day weekend workshop, with lots of new techniques including movement on the Saturday and Commedia on the Sunday.

Rob Broderick, Thursday Sessions, 2009, The Bedford.

Winners of Hackney Empire New Act of the Year 2010. Rob Broderick’s group Abandoman create hilarious musical hip hop sketches at lightning speed live in front of their audience.

The project sees frontman Rob and multi-instrumentalist James Hancox reinventing hip hop in a way that appeals to even its most ardent detractors.

The group have already supported diverse acts such as Tommy Tiernan and US hip hop band, Atmosphere, and have played festivals such as Bestival on the Isle of White and Truck Festival in Oxford and a wide variety of venues and nights from comedy clubs like Tattershall Castle to music venues such as La Scala in London.  

In January 2010, Rob and James began a weekly residency with BBC6, providing comedic songs to the Chris Hawkins Breakfast Show.

Chicago Improv Associates, Zen Prove Thursday Sessions, 2009, The Bedford.

Zenprov is the brainchild of Marshall Stern and represents a novel way of viewing Improv through the lens of Zen thought while also viewing Zen and Life in general through the unique lens of Improv.

Nancy Howland Walker joined him in creating a full six-level curriculum for Players Workshop of the Second City in 2001 based on Zenprov.

They have a regular Zenprov podcast at cia.libsyn.com.

Nancy is also an expert in musical impro, as she is the creator, producer and director of the critically acclaimed MUSICAL! The musical, the first two-act completely improvised modern Broadway style musical, which opened in 1998 at the Royal George Theatre, and has had runs in Boston, Nashville and various theatres across the US.

This was an awesome workshop, and inspired us to invite more guest teachers to come and share their knowledge.

Mark Beltzman. April 2018

Masterclasses on The Art of Allowing Improv with one of the founding members of IO who worked directly with Del Close.

"Mark Beltzman is the funniest and most talented improvisor that I have ever worked with.”

Jim Belushi

Mark was one of the founding members of Improv Olympic (now IO) in Chicago.

Mark was also one of the founding members of Baron’s Barracudas, one of IO’s first house teams and one of the first teams to do the Harold where he worked directly with Del Close.

He was instructor/director at The Second City Training Center, Improv Olympic West.

In addition to improv his TV and Film career has included roles in Seinfeld, Curb Your Enthusiasm, The Wedding Singer, Mo Money, Speed 2, Billy Madison, Rosanne, House and loads more.

In his distinguished career Mark has worked with:  Jerry Seinfeld, Larry David, Billy Murray, Dan Aykroyd, Steve Carrell, George Wendt, John Candy, Stephen Colbert, Jim Belushi, Adam Sandler, John Goodman, David Pasequesi, TJ Jagodowski, David Razowsky, and "Whose Line Is It Anyways" alumni, Colin Mochrie, Ryan Stiles, and Brad Sherwood.

Mark’s ability to create “something from nothing” is exemplified in the outreach program he created in 2006 called New Choice. Mark and a crew of established industry professionals go into the inner city and teach improvisational and filmmaking skills to the youth.

Marks’s Art of Allowing Improv Workshop is a Master Class in Acting taught through Improvisation.  This workshop is for the ensemble actor, and/or improvisor, who desires to cultivate the ability to flawlessly and spontaneously create magic on stage and in life.  

"IT" comes from a place of joy and connection to one's source intuition, and is attained by giving yourself to the art form through LISTENING rather than thinking, from ALLOWING rather than forcing, from being FULLY PRESENT in the moment and FOCUSING on CONNECTION with your partner and your environment.  You will understand why making your partner look good makes you, in turn, look twice as good and makes the work flow.  Ultimately, you will understand that this is how ensemble is created.

This workshop will focus on scene work, as well as Long Form Improvisation.  You will learn to develop tools to let scenes emerge organically, including:

- cultivating a heightened sense of listening

- cultivating a heightened sense of awareness of the scene around you, i.e. environment, textures, emotions, body languages, sounds, etc.

- learning the game within the scene

- making your partner look good

- finding the joy in the exploration

- getting out of your own way to allow creativity to flow

- understanding that the true magic lies in the synchronicity of you, your partner and the audience all discovering a point of focus at the same time

What we love most about Mark, and why he has been one of the most influential teachers on Hoopla, is he makes improv SIMPLE. Working with Mark doesn’t feel like getting bogged down in rules and technique, it instead feels like removing everything that gets in the way of a joyful human connection with your scene partner.


Dates (1 day workshops): PLACES AVAILABLE

Saturday 28th April 2018 >> BOOK NOW


Sunday 29th April 2018 >> BOOK NOW

Time: 11am - 4pm.


Theatre Delicatessen, 1st Floor, Next to 2 Finsbury Avenue, London, EC2M 2PP.

Tube: Liverpool Street, Moorgate or Bank.

Price: £50 reduced to £40 if booked this week.

Dates (2 day workshop): FULLY BOOKED

Saturday 21st April 2018 - Sunday 22nd April 2018.


11am - 4pm both days.


Theatre Delicatessen, 1st Floor, Next to 2 Finsbury Avenue, London, EC2M 2PP.

Tube: Liverpool Street, Moorgate or Bank.


£140 reduced to £120 if booked this week.

Gary Schwartz, Spolin Theater Games

One of the pioneers of improvisation  who worked extensively with both Viola Spolin (author of "Improvisation for the Theater" the seminal text of the improvisational theater movement) and Paul Sills (the original director of Second City).

"Gary is a terrific teacher." - Dan Castellaneta (voice of Homer Simson).

"Viola had genius and she shared it. Gary Schwartz continues to share her genius with integrity." - Valerie Harper.

Gary Schwartz the foremost teacher of Spolin Theater Games. He is the only teacher endorsed by both Viola Spolin and Paul Sills (original director of Second City), pioneers of modern improvisation.

Spolin’s Theater Games are simple, operational structures that are each built upon a specific focus or technical problem. The games have a liberating effect for the player. There are games to free the actor’s tension, games to cleanse the actor of subjective preconceptions of the meaning of words, games of relationship and character, games of concentration - in short, games for each of the areas with which the growing actor is concerned.