• clowning with Peta Lily

clown course

We are thrilled to announce our first clown course at Hoopla with one of the world’s most experienced clown teachers, Peta Lily! An 8 week course.

For years clowning has been missing from improv, but no more – clown is here!

Peta teaches clown at Royal Academy of Dramatic Art and Royal Central School of Speech and Drama. She has also taught at Circus Space (NCCA), The Actor’s Centre, École Philippe Gaulier, Guildford School of Acting, Mountview Theatre School and ArtsEd School of Acting. Peta trained with Jacques Lecoq, Philippe Gaulier and more.

Clowning helps create joyful and playful performers. You’ll be learning “let go of the normal” and use your body in humour to play physically and create joyful theatre. You’ll also be playing with the audience and letting them guide you to increase the laughter. We’ll be playing with mime, voice, being “in the shit”, playing the flop, rules of comedy, breaking the rules and more.

Most of all Peta will be sharing her years of experience about Clown and the craft of laughter in a fun and playful way in one of our most fun courses ever!

Only suitable for people with previous improv or acting experience. If you haven’t got previous experience it’s best to do our beginners improv course first.

dates, time, location

Every Tuesday for 8 weeks from Tuesday 4th September 2018. FULLY BOOKED.

Every Monday for 8 weeks from Monday 3rd September 2018, plus show Thursday 25th October 2018. FULLY BOOKED.

Time: 7pm – 9:30pm.

Price: £220. Either payable all at once or with an initial payment of £100 followed by the remaining £120 once the course starts.

Teacher: Peta Lily.

Show Venue: The Kobi Nazrul Centre, 30 Hanbury Street, London, E1 6QR.

Tube: Liverpool Street.

This course is now fully booked. Please contact us to be added to the waiting list for future dates.

teacher Peta Lily

This award-winning performer/theater maker is well-known for her solo career with well-reviewed shows including Wendy Darling, Beg, Topless, Midriff, Invocation and Chastity Belt. She has toured the UK, Europe, Mexico, Indonesia, Argentina, Chile, Hong Kong, Australia and Brazil.

She trained with Jacques Lecoq, Philippe Gaulier, Monika Pagneux, Theatre du Mouvement, Yoshi Oida, Carlo Boso (Commedia dell ‘Arte), Sankai Juku and Natsu Nakajima (Butoh Dance), and Mike Alfreds (Theatre Direction).

She teaches theatre courses including: Take It Further, Comedy Toolbox; Clown & Dark Clown.

Lily teaches at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art, Royal Central School of Speech and Drama and London College of Fashion (Costume Design for Performance MA). She has also taught at Circus Space (NCCA), The Actor’s Centre, École Philippe Gaulier, Guildford School of Acting, Mountview Theatre School and ArtsEd School of Acting, London. She serves as Auditions Chair at RCSSD.

As a director, recent works include Je Regrette for Sarah-Louise Young (won The Stage Edinburgh Awards 2016), Two Tongue Theatre’s Boys’ Club, Fiona Coffey’s A Touch of Mrs Robinson. Lily recently directed and devised The Death of Fun for MimeLab Hong Kong.

This course is Red Nose Clown, however Peta is also known for her development of the genre of Dark Clown cited in Jon Davison’s Clown – Readings in Theatre Practice – Palgrave MacMillan 2013. A documentary: Taking Laughter to the Limits is about to be released. She was Dark Clown consultant for Acrojou’s Wake and also for Jammy Voo’s Birdhouse.


Peta will be teaching the following about Clown and the craft of laughter:

  • Entering into the clown state.
  • Stamina for staying in the clown state.
  • Letting go of the “normal”.
  • Releasing into physical play.
  • Physical theatre skills.
  • Mime.
  • How to create humour with the body.
  • Rhythm in performance.
  • Playing with voice.
  • Interacting playfully.
  • Playing with each other, “le jeu”.
  • Buoyant energy, “elan”.
  • Being “in the shit”.
  • Embracing the joy of failure.
  • Playing the flop moment.
  • Rules of comedy and breaking of the rules.
  • The rule of 3.
  • Repetition in comedy.
  • Engaging warmly with the audience.
  • Fun strategies for working with the audience.
  • Sharing humanity with the audience.
  • Following and increasing the laughter from the audience.
  • Dissolving the fourth wall between performers and audience.

Most of all it’s going to be loads of fun and lots of laughter ever week!