• clowning about with Conor!

clown course

with Conor Jatter from the RH Experience!

For years clowning has been missing from improv, but no more – clown is here to stay!

Clowning helps create joyful and playful performers. You’ll be learning to use your body in humour to play physically and create joyful theatre. You’ll also be playing with the audience and letting them guide you to increase the laughter. We’ll be playing with mime, voice, being “in the shit”, playing the flop, breaking the rules and applying the joy of Clown to improv.

Conor is one of our favourite ever improvisers and Clowns and a hilarious performer so we invited him in to impart his clowning wisdom for improvisers.

He performs with The RH Experience, one of the most popular shows at Hoopla. He has trained with the likes of UCB, Doctor Brown, and Philippe Gaulier, and performed at Soho Theatre, The Leicester Square Theatre, Alexandra Palace and many more!

Only suitable for people with previous improv or acting experience. If you haven’t got previous experience it’s best to do our beginners improv course first.

dates, time, location

Every Wednesday for 6 weeks from Wed 16th January 2019. BOOK NOW

Every Thursday for 6 weeks from Thu 17th January 2019. BOOK NOW

Time: 7pm – 9pm.

Price: £150. Either payable all at once or with an initial payment of £75 followed by the remaining £75 once the course starts.

Teacher: Conor Jatter.

Venue: KCBC, Vernon Square, King’s Cross, London, WC1X 9EP.

Tube: King’s Cross.

teacher Conor Jatter

Conor has been performing for 10 years with his ★★★★★ improv group The RH Experience with hugely successful shows at the Edinburgh Fringe, Soho Theatre and Hoopla.

He also co-produces RH & Friends, one of the most popular and longest running nights at Hoopla, that brings together the best in improv, sketch and clown.

RH Experience have also built up a large youtube following with regular sketches and improv online.

He has trained in improv and clown with the likes of UCB, Philippe Gaulier, Doctor Brown, Mick Barnfather and Dan Lees, and performed at Soho Theatre, The Leicester Square Theatre, Alexandra Palace and many more.

Praise for Conor’s improv group The RH Experience:

‘The RH Experience are not the pioneers of tomfoolery: they are the masters’ ★★★★★ Three Weeks
‘Truly gifted improvisers’ ★★★★★ JokePitUK
‘Their sheer amount of brainpower and comedic instinct led to hilarity’ ★★★★★ TenEightyMagazine.com
‘Colourful, witty and dynamic’ ★★★★ Mumble Comedy
‘Absurd and tear-inducingly funny’ ★★★★ Broadway Baby
‘These pioneers of tomfoolery make us laugh to the point of exhaustion’ The405″


We will be teaching the following about Clown and the craft of laughter:

  • Entering into the clown state.
  • Stamina for staying in the clown state.
  • Letting go of the “normal”.
  • Releasing into physical play.
  • Physical theatre skills.
  • Mime.
  • How to create humour with the body.
  • Rhythm in performance.
  • Playing with voice.
  • Interacting playfully.
  • Playing with each other, “le jeu”.
  • Buoyant energy, “elan”.
  • Being “in the shit”.
  • Embracing the joy of failure.
  • Playing the flop moment.
  • Rules of comedy and breaking of the rules.
  • The rule of 3.
  • Repetition in comedy.
  • Engaging warmly with the audience.
  • Fun strategies for working with the audience.
  • Sharing humanity with the audience.
  • Following and increasing the laughter from the audience.
  • Dissolving the fourth wall between performers and audience.

Most of all it’s going to be loads of fun and lots of laughter every week!