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About Hoopla

Hoopla aim to make impro open and accessible to all.

Hoopla are an improv comedy (also known as improvised comedy, impro and improvisation) company based in London, UK. Hoopla were founded in 2006 by Steve Roe and Edgar Fernando.

Hoopla run a selection of improv courses across London and also an improv comedy club in London Bridge featuring a selection of groups from across the UK improv scene. Hoopla are the founders of the UK’s first ever improvised comedy club. Hoopla also do improv based corporate training.

Hoopla aim to make improv fun and accessible for everyone from all backgrounds. We’re especially focused on teaching beginners improv and we love introducing people to improv for the first time in a fun, friendly and safe way.

Hoopla also encourage and support a growing improv community with shows, courses, networking events, socials and more.

About Hoopla

The history of Hoopla, teacher biographies, photos and more stuff about Hoopla.

History of hoopla

History of Hoopla. The Hoopla origin story!


Biographies of all the people that teach with us and do other things.


Photos of various shows from over the years.


A massive list of every show weve ever put on.

Code Of conduct & Diversity Policies

Hoopla aim to make impro open and accessible for all. This section contains details of our Code of Conduct Policies, Diversity Policies, Teaching Guides and details of our Charity Work.

Things for performers that help to keep improv a safe and fun space for all.

Code of ConductFor Performers at our shows

Things for teachers that help to keep improv a safe and fun space for all.

Code of ConductFor our teachers

Guide on how to deal with difficult scenes in a supportive way.

Teaching guideHow to deal with difficult scenesCharity Work

Various charity events, shows and fundraisers.

Things for students that help to keep improv a safe and fun space for all.

Diversity &  Accessibility policy

Things to help make improv open and accessible to everyone.


What is improv? Definitions, examples and history of improv.

and PressReviews

Some nice things people have said about our shows and workshops.


The full calendar of events for Hoopla.


Improv tips, workshop notes, improv news and other stuff.


Videos of improv exercies and improv shows.


Podcast of improv exercises, interviews and games.

Other helpful Things

We’ve got a variety of different improv resources, improv networking events, socials, improv exercises and more to help new improvisers.

Improv resources

Where to perform improv, lists of exercises and other resources.

how toForm a group

All the different ways people form an improv group.

Where toPerform improv

List of places to perform improv in London and around UK.

Front of housevolunteers

Were looking for Front of House, Tech & Hosting volunteers.


Parties, balls, picnics, theatre trips, fun times.